Topic 4 – Starship

Nov 7, 2021

Next week’s topic will be on the development of the Starship vehicle by SpaceX.

We are on the possible eve of meaningful increases in human traffic between celestial bodies in our solar system, and with that, the possibility of some form of permanent settlement on these other celestial bodies, namely, the moon and mars. This is only possible because of rapid reusable vehicles!

Read Elon’s transcript of his 2017 keynote presentation (or watch the presentation), and listen to Tim Dodd present his rough estimates on how much a Starship launch will cost, and we will have a short discussion on money and interplanetary space flight TWO weeks from now.

Starship (22nd October 2021)

Making Life Multiplanetary – Elon Musk(2017) : Elon’s keynote transcript at the 2017 Intl. Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia

Making Life Multiplanetary – SpaceX (2017) : Elon’s presentation at the 2017 International Astronautical Congress in Adelaide, Australia

The Complete Guide to Starship – Tim Dodd(2020) (30min 40s – 32min 06s)


What are other companies that Elon is associated with?

What makes Starship different from every other rocket in history?

Why is Starship important and so famous?

Do you think Starship will have a big effect on the world? How and why?

What are some problems of human planetary colonization?


Starbase | Gateway to Mars – SpaceX

The evolution of SpaceX’s Starship (with explosions!) – CNET : Collection of all Starship Landing attempts so far as of 6 Nov 2021

Kerbal Space Program – Squad : a videogame with realistic space physics. Watch an engineer play it

The Vietnam National Space Center : an organization aimed at the development of Satellite and Space Technologies in Vietnam managed under the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology

Complete Guide to Starship – Tim Dodd (Everyday Astronaut, 2020) : Tim Dodd follows the development and engineering of the SpaceX Starship and other SpaceX news very closely.

space mining and industry conference announcement and press release : Experts, engineers, and businessmen are already seriously talking about commercial opportunities in space.